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75% of consumers each month view YouTube videos. YouTube is a great way for businesses to reach their target audience. Our YouTube marketing service provides you with a cost-effective way of targeting your audience on YouTube. We help you promote your existing video and match it to your target audience.

We will create a YouTube Channel or Video for you. The channel will be designed to closely match the look of your website.

A YouTube button will be placed on your website, directing visitors from your site to your YouTube Channel. You will also enjoy the benefits of back-linking because has a high page rank.

Benefits of a YouTube campaign

  • Increases your business reach; YouTube exceeds 3 billion views a day
  • More than 75% of consumers watch online videos once a month
  • Targets visitors who are looking for your business, product, or service
  • Properly optimised online videos help consumers find out about your product or service
  • Increases branding and customer loyalty
  • Targets customers using keywords and demographics
  • Improves your websites Google page ranking